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Qiqihar Camp Final Blog

It is hard to believe that camp ended over a week ago and we are now back in the US.  It goes slow in the beginning of camp and seems to go so fast the last couple of days.  There were many tears shed at the closing ceremony.  Camp went so well and we are are all so grateful for the experience and time we had with the Chinese children.  Our host (Jason) was wonderful and many of us are looking forward to the opportunity to return and work with him again in Qiqihar.


Qiqihar Camp Day 5/6

Day 5 and 6 were great at the Qiqihar Camp.  On the evening of day 5 we had our Crazy Digital Camera Hunt.  The contest was very close as the participation and competition was high. It rained off and on during the day but stopped in the afternoon in time to hold our event outside.

Qiqihar Camp Day 2

Day 2 at Qiqihar Camp was a blast. The team is already connecting with the students.  The students were so excited their first night many of them did not sleep much according to the Chinese Assistants.


Shout Outs:

Beth and Annelise  - Everything is great!  Hope everyone is fine at home.  The kids are precious. We love & miss you. See you soon and thanks for remembering us!

Qiqihar Meeting Students (7/31/18)

Today we met and tested about 80 students!  They are so excited for camp.  They are between 11 and 13 years old.  After testing we held our opening ceremony and introduced them to our camp song which they loved. We also had dinner with them and then played evening games together. They are already opening up to us and seemed very relaxed and eager to learn. Tomorrow is our first day of classes and afternoon activities. The weather is really nice here, in the 80s, a benefit of being further north in China.

Qiqihar Camp Preparations (7/30)

We finally arrived in Qiqhar camp today. Everyone is a little tired from being up early for our flight here from Beijing. We were greeted by our host with a lot of fanfare at the airport and lot of pictures taken. We are settling into our rooms, and getting our classrooms ready.  We also met our Chinese assistants and had dinner with them this evening. Tomorrow the students arrive in camp for testing and opening ceremony. Time for us to get rested up!

Getting Ready to Leave!

Summer Camps: 

Hi Everyone, the 2nd session team going to Qiqihar leaves for Beijing this Thursday!  We are all a little nervous and excited!  We'll be joining the other 3rd of our team (who were in 1st session camps) for a little touring before heading to Qiqihar on 7/30.  We'll be sure to update the blog when we safely arrive in Beijing.  Lee

Count Down to Qiqihar Camp 2018

Welcome to our Qiqihar Team members. We have a mix of first timers, and members that are returning to Qiqihar from a camp held more than 5 years ago in this northern city in China. We are in the 2nd session this year and will also have team members joining us from the 1st session.  Planning for our classroom and afternoon activities is well underway as we are less than 2 months from the start of camp. To family members and friends: stay tuned for more information on this exciting trip!

Lee Hollahan