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Datong Day 10+

Summer Camps: 

Have to share a late shout-out!!!  

Great news!! Kate (one of our students) is in our family now!!  We are in awe!!  In two days our closing ceremonies and it will be hard to leave these precious children.  Much love to family and friends.  Debi

Keep lifting the others as they continue to share.

Dave Williams 

Datong Day 10

Summer Camps: 

To all our listeners back home: Our team has just about completed all their class material.  All classes have shared the important parts of our teaching and the interest among students has been great.  We have at least 6 who are meeting with teachers for more details of our stories.  Please lift our teachers as they go deeper in the details with them. Bonding between student and teacher is at it's highest at this time of camp.  All of our students are eager for more time with us and we are delighted to give it to them.  If they only knew, we are just as eager for more time with them.

Xin FuXue/ Beijing Day Eight Update

Summer Camps: 

Well, today was another great day at camp. Our students continue to learn about American culture and are engaged in lesson activities that serve to review and emphasize meaningful aspects. Our American teachers organized a Water Night complete with water balloons and water guns. There was plenty of running and screaming and laughter; by the end of the evening every person was soaked. We all enjoyed ourselves and are glad the Chinese are love camp so much. These are nights we and they won’t forget. 

Datong Day 9

Summer Camps: 

Monday afternoon activities are in full swing.  Jackie Chan is in our city today so the town is a buzz with excitement.  Tonight we will spend time in our mentor groups.  Each group will have the liberty to choose their groups activity.  I know one group is going to design and make Christmas cards. Another group has said their going to have conversation over Chinese and Americana snacks,,, while eating them.

Our camp is doing great and friendships continue to grow.  Thanks for the lifts, we feel them.  We have a few with colds but doing well.

Dave Williams

Datong Day 8

Summer Camps: 

The students and our team took yesterday (Sunday) off, so today I'll send out 1 shout-out now and another later today to get everyone caught up.

Yesterday our team split into four groups.  All groups included some of the students and Chinese assistants so we could enjoy and learn in a different way from each other. 

Group 1 - Go for a 2 mile walk to the base of a mountain and follow the trail up as far as we could go. No worries loved ones, it was an easy walk.

Group 2 - Go for a day on the town eating and shopping at your leisure.

Xin FuXue/ Beijing Day Six

Wow, the time is flying here in Beijing! What a fun time tonight! We had crazy skits that the Americans and Chinese performed. They are just a bunch of nutcases. Then we sang some songs; the kids love “Country Roads.” We danced the night away and they loved the “Bird Machine.” This camp has so much spirit and we are just having so much fun. Our American team is very creative and has so much energy. It’s been a great camp. 

See the shout out below. 

Datong Day 7

Summer Camps: 

Last night was our birthday party and the cake and fun was over the top for our students and team.  Tomorrow there will be no classes so everyone can take a break and get ready to finish strong next week.  Tonight we will get in our small groups and have a scavenger hunt.  Our students will have the opportunity to teach the teachers some Chinese culture.  Afterwards we will all get together and share what we have learned.

Dave Williams

Friday Shout-outs: