Summer Camp blogs

Last day of classes at New Bridge

This is perhaps the most difficult day because we are beginning our goodbyes and most of us will not see each other again!
During the breaks in classes they are signing autograph books and T shirts and exchanging email addresses. The tears have already started to flow and tomorrow morning (Monday), after the closing ceremony, the students will begin to leave and our Kleenex supply will be totally depleted.
We have had a great bunch of kids and the Chinese assistants have been wonderful.

Xining Team is Ready to Go!

Summer Camps: 

The weather here in Xining is absolutely great!

First of all, ALL Team Members have arrived safely and are accounted for.

Second, to those people watching the Xi'an Camp. Our team members here have acclimated already. We left our fellow team members in the airport yesterday (7/20) and all was well with them and they are looking forward to getting back home. So ask for their stories.

Today, we will begin testing the student population and arranging the classes so please keep this process in your mind and hope for smooth transitions.

Guiyang Green Team on Site & Ready for Camp

Summer Camps: 

Whew- after 32 hours of non-stop travel including the entire New Life team running through Newark because our flight was late and they held the plane for us, losing Jeannette in San Francisco (relax...she is here now!),delivering (effortlessly) many many bags of supplies, and fighting the crowds in Beijing, we are finally here. I wish I had a video of Josiah discovering bugs in his room - our rooms are a little ...ummm....simple...but FINE. The Chinese helpers waited for us with flowers and signs and hugs - they are precious!

Shanghai Blue Team prepares for Farewell

Summer Camps: 

First my apologies to all of you for the sparse blog entries, the misspellings, typos, and spacing issues. My time here has been extremely limited and trying to keep two teams afloat in the midst of language barriers (none of our hosts speak English), solving housing problems, space problems, scheduling difficulties, and a lost passport has left me having to spend less time than I had hoped for keeping you up to date on what has happened at our camp. I hope that the old saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words" was true for you in this case.

Mid-way through Camp

Wednesday was the middle day of our camp session here at New Bridge High School in Beijing. Our Chinese counterparts felt we should have a break, so they took us to the Shicha Hai District of Beijing.

We toured the Mansion of Prince Gong "The best of all the prince mansions." Also included were some traditional quadrangles with views of some of Beijings ancient alleys. The evening ended with a splendid meal at one of the Districts's community centers.

Some of the team got off the bus at the local Wal-Mart Supercenter on the return.