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News from Steamy Shanghai--Blue Team

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As you guessed from the title we are still sweltering in the hot and steamy conditions. I walk and talk every morning at 6:00 am and today when I exited the building it was a steamy 90 degrees, full sun, and humid. I knew immediately that we were in for a long hot day. Will probably get over 100 here today and the humidity to match. No change in sight. But we move on. When we see the faces of the children in the morning we know what is really important. We have delayed the start of afternoon activities today in hope that the late start will allow for a bit cooler conditions.

Another Shanghai Blue Team photo

Summer Camps: 

Please pardon the lack of captions for the pictures but the screen resolution is so poor I cannot always tell who is in the photo.

Also you might be interested to note that it takes between 3 and 4 min for a low resolution picture to upload on this internet connection. It is slower than dial up speeds in america.