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Blue Team Personal Greetings

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Hello to everyone back in the States. It is Monday here and our final week in Shanghai is underway. I was able to get an internet connection so thought I had better "strike whie the iron is hot." But then in Shanghai it is alway HOT. Yes the heat and humidity continue here. But we take it in stride always remembering our purpose and that hot shower at the end of the day.

Shanghai Red 2nd Sunday

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The birthday party was a blast! Several people from both teams worked to decorate the multi purpose room with a zillion balloons, streamers and penants before our students arrived. The fourth CD of music that Dale brought actually worked and the sound system was good so as students arrived we played the Chicken Dance and got everyone to start dancing after they received their party hats at the door. Hopefully our students' English skills have improved - we know their ability to dance the electric slide has improved!

Hi again -- two days in a row.

While camp is purring right along with many afternoon activities happening, we decided to get a blog out before Sunday morning there in the USofA. We found an internet cafe with over 120 computers packed into a rather small, smoke-filled room,on the fourth floor of a delapidated building not far from the local MacDonalds. So, we'll just say that our first evening program was super and the Chinese loved it. Another new student came today, bringing the total to 127. Thankfully, all the teachers are very flexible.


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Hilariously, we THOUGHT we were all set when actually Terri's passport was mailed to Jessica, on the other side of town! Fear not, I was going to a wedding and picked it up from Jessica- woo hooo!Thursday morning the OHIO Guiyang team heads to the airport (6 am!!) to begin our journey- ohhhhhh how I hope we get where we are going:)in a timely manner! Everyone else- see you in Beijing! Look for the green shirts!

Shanghai Blue Team Picture

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Last but not least a picture of Joel Swisshelm.

I will not be able to blog tomorrow as we will be on a trip for all American teachers in the city of Shanghai, sponsored by our host Mr. Liu.

We are eager to see some of the cultural and historical areas of Shanghai. We will also get to go to Nanjing Lu a shopping mecca for Shanghai similar to 5th Avenue or Hollywood Blvd.

More for you on Monday.