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Shanghai Blue Team Works to Build Cultural Bridges

Summer Camps: 

Yesterday was a wonderful day at a park just outside of Shanghai. We all piled onto six busses and travelled about an hour and a half from the city to a wonderful educational park. We got to board an aircraft carrier and then have lunch on the lawn. We had about an hour and half of entertainment by the campers and our teachers and then we toured the Learning Village. The Village was filled with many statues of famous artists musicians, scientists, and political figures important in history around the world. It was fascinating.

camp started at last

Opening ceremony is over and the teachers are teaching, at last. They were so glad to finally meet their students and the Chinese assistants. The overall number of students is about 125, making about 15 or 16 per class, divided into 8 classes after a lengthy testing session last evening.
Many of the students are proficient in English and the spirit of cooperation is encouraging. Jim and Jodie were delighted to find that two of their students from '05 are here.

Shanghai Red Saturday

Summer Camps: 

Since we went on our field trip yesterday, today we are operating on our regular daily schedule even though it is Saturday. We are looking forward to holding a birthday party for the entire camp as our evening cultural activity today. We will meet at 6:00 after dinner to decorate for the party that begins at 7:30. We brought birthday party hats and games to play and lots of decorations and I'm sure we will dance the night away! Tomorrow, Sunday, all of the Americans will be away all day on a tour of Shanghai from 8:30 in the morning until 9:30 at night.

Shanghai Red Friday

Summer Camps: 

Last night some of our younger team members asked if they could order pizza from Pizza Hut and have it delivered to our guest house after the evening activities. We were glad for them to have a treat after working so hard. Since we are not allowed in the students' dorms at this camp we are free after 9:00 at night. A Chinese person assisted them in ordering the pizza and 5 pizzas arrived at 10:00 with one complimentary ice cream which the Americans gave to the Chinese person who helped them to order the pizza. The 5 pizzas cost about $20.

Xi'an 2nd Session: Ready to go

Summer Camps: 

It's one week until we leave for China. We are making our last minute preparations for the teaching time, and the afternoon and evening activities. We are sad to report that one of our team members, Gloria, is unable to go to China as part of our team. Her husband has been seriously ill for a number of weeks. That brings our team size down to 18. We will miss Gloria.

We fly to China on Thursday, July 19 from Dulles. I'll try and communicate to you when we arrive in China.

Looking forward to our English Camp in Xi'an


Difficult getting Internet access!!

Summer Camps: 

Tuesday was such a wonderful day. This was the day we went to the great wall and it couldn't have been a nicer day. Clear and relatively cool. Everyone took a lot of pictures and many had a good climb. Then on to the Summer Palace.
Finally the Pearl Market and SHOPPING, SHOPPING, SHOPPING.
Wednesday we came to the camp. After the rooms were assigned there was a most encouraging organizational meeting. We're off to a good start in that regard. However, we simply have not been able to get a blog out because of computer frustration and lack of access to the Internet.