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Birthdays and Body Checks

Summer Camps: 

Hello all! This is your blue team from China.

We are in our 4th day of teaching and we love our students. Yesterday was a great day! We celebrated Mary's 80th birtday--Chinese style and it lasted all day. We had a special dinner with many Chinese symbolic foods for a long life. Mary can tell you all about it when she gets home.

Big Day for Team Beijing. Tiannamen Square and more!

Following a great breakfast at the hotel, we boarded our bus and headed for Tianneman Square. After many pictures we began a hot trek through the Forbidden City. We took a group picture and we'll try to post it on a blog in a day or two. Halfway through the City, everyone except Jim, Daniel and John couldn't resist a fix at an incredibly small Starbucks within the FC walls.
Next was a fine Chinese lunch in a beautiful restaurant. Sarah G was delighted to learn to eat Chinese spaghetti with chopsticks. Then an hour at a silk factory then on to the Summer Palace.

Blue Team Arrives in Shanghai

Summer Camps: 

Finally after many hours of waiting and waiting and waiting and flying and flying and flying--actually more hours of waiting than flying, the Blue Team arrived in Shanghai and XinZhong High School to join in the work. All arrived well and happy except for one piece of luggage that was lost on a flight from Chicago to Shanghai. After many telephone calls and three days of waiting EDEN finnaly got clean clothes. She was one happy camper.

Shanghai Red Monday

Summer Camps: 

Sunday afternoon we were finally able to get into out classrooms and everyone on the team worked hard to clean and decorate their rooms. Michael was a huge help to Paul and Gay as their room and Claudia's room needed the most attention. These two classrooms were without electricity yesterday so the ceiling fans did not work so it was really hot to work in them.

Our first Sunday in Beijing

After a combination international & chinese breakfast, our group climbed on the bus and received our daily ration of two bottles of water. Our bus then proceeded to the 9:30 meeting with like-minded international from around the city.

Our lunch in the hotel was our first real chinese meal. Mike P said he would give Anthoney $5 if he ate the fishes eye. For 5$ he did! He said it tasted like peanut. Christine Baker was surprised at how tasty the brains were.

Fairfax & Milford Groups arrive together

As the Fairfax Group was moving into the immigration area, they looked up and saw a bunch of yellow shirts. Sure enough it was the Milford group. This was our first time of meeting each other, so after quick introductions, we proceeded thru immigration and on to pick up our baggage. Thankfully all of it arrived too.

We all headed for the exit and met Woody. All the tranactions went smoothly and soon we were on a bus for the hotel.

Shanghai Red Team Arrives Safely

Summer Camps: 

We are happy to report that everyone on the Shanghai Red team, except for Melissa, who is travelling with the Blue Team, has arrived safely in China. The Blue Team has been delayed by one day and will arrive late tonight (Saturday). All of our teaching materials and books are here with us. Eden, from the Blue team, travelled with us and she is the only one whose luggage is lost so we are hoping that her suitcase will be delivered from the airport today.