Team Qiqihar in Beijing

Summer Camps: 

Hello friends and family,
We have arrived in Beijing and everyone is healthy and happy! We have been so busy with touring and hanging out with the Datong and a Beijing teams, that I haven’t had a chance to check in. Today is Sunday and we have another full day here in Beijing, then we fly out early(6am) to Qiqihar. We have all managed to get plenty of rest and look forward to the weeks ahead building relationships with our students. I will check in again when we get to Qiqihar.



Datong Touring

Summer Camps: 

Our team arrived in Beijing Friday evening and began our sightseeing. Yesterday we walked the Great Wall,Temple of Heaven and shopped at the Pearl Market  Today we will visit a park neat Forbidden City, take a ride through a small village in Beijing and visit a tea house

Tomorrow we will head to the airport and look forward to seeing our family and friends once home.  We missed you all and thank you again for lifting us.  Continue to lift the relationships we rekindled and started.

Hope you can join us next year.  Lifting you.

Dave Williams

Datong Day 12

Short and sweet:  Our closing practice was last night and everyone did great. Our closing is today at 4:00 so this will be the last blog till we arrive in Beijing tomorrow.  Our bus picks us up at 10:30 and we should arrive in Beijing at 3:30.  Get a quick bite and head to a show.  The next two days will be filled with sightseeing. If I have a chance I'll write in the blog.  So remember, no news from us is always good news.

Love you all and continue to remember the students we have gotten to know and share.

Team Qiqihar is ready!!

Well...the time has come...Team Qiqihar is getting ready to fly out tomorrow morning for Beiijng!! We will be meeting up with the 2 first session teams for some fellowship and touring together. Then we will head to Qiqihar for second session! Our team is excited, prepared and ready to make lasting memories and much success for our students. I'll be keeping you all up to date each day of our many adventures! Stay tuned...


XinFu Xue/ Beijing Day 10 Update

Summer Camps: 

Tonight was our closing ceremony. Every class did well. We had so much fun having ice cream and dancing afterwards. It’s going to be sad tomorrow saying goodbye to our students; some have already started crying. We feel this was one of the best camps ever. 
This will be the last blog until we arrive home in the states. We can’t wait to share with you more about Bejing’s 2019 Summer English Camp. 
Signing off from camp Beijing! 


Chris Wooldridge

Datong Day 11

Summer Camps: 

Wednesday afternoon, and we will have our closing ceremony tonight followed by a dance or 2 depending on the time.  Parents are waiting on students at the school gate and we don't want them to have to wait on us.  After that our team will leave the school for our usual walk down the city streets catching up with students and their parents.  Some will stop to eat and invite us to dine with them or just sit and listen to their son or daughter speak English to us.  Parents can't understand a word but their smiles are from ear to ear just knowing their child has succeeded in English camp. 

Xin FuXue/ Beijing Day Nine Update

Summer Camps: 

In classes this morning students continued to learn and are practicing for closing ceremony. Tonight we were challenged by the amazing race cultural activity where students and teachers ran around to read clues and learn about Chinese culture. The Chinese students had to explain Chinese culture as they went from station to station. They had fun but it was a difficult assignment.