Beijing/ Xin FuXue Day Five The Birthday Party!

Summer Camps: 

We just concluded our birthday party. There were 7 Chinese birthdays and one American, our own Annelise. After eating the delicious cake we danced our hearts out. Everyone joined in the dances; this is the first camp I’ve been in where I saw everyone dancing. Julianna did such a good job of teaching dances and Jacob choreographs his own and the kids love it. The night was complete with kazoos that Dave brought; the kids made quite the noise! 

See below for our shout outs.

Miss you guys! I can’t wait to see you soon when I get back. Love you. 

Datong Day 6

Summer Camps: 

Friday has come too quick.  Our students and team members continue to work so well together, always looking for more time to be alongside each other.  I don't think we've smiled so much, as we have this week.  So important to hear of these children's stories and share ours.

Tonight we will have our annual Birthday party.  Just another opportunity to party with our friends and continue building relationships.  

Thanks for the lifts.

Dave Williams

Shout-outs below:

Xin FuXue Day Four Blog Update

Summer Camps: 

Things were really happening at camp Beijing! The enthusiasm in our camp is fantastic; we have great teachers and great students. We are learning many dances to many songs taught by Jacob C. Every class is doing well and everyone is so excited to learn. Students learned about baseball, opposites, Christmas, and more. Tonight was the digital camera scavenger hunt (where students must work together as a team to take specific, fun pictures) which all enjoyed. Claudia’s team won. We are tired but happy and ready to go again tomorrow. Stay tuned for more updates. 


Datong Day 5

Summer Camps: 

Yesterday I spoke of our Chinese assistants.  Karla had the idea to offer our assistants a special class during our afternoon break. The picture attached has Jackie, Sunny, Dreamy and Helen. Our teachers have wanted to join in to help Karla and get some one on one time with them as well.  Teachers pictured are Karla, Sara, Samantha and Debi.