Plans For The Summer Of 2019??

Have you made plans for next summer yet? If not why don't you join a Bridging The World team going to China to teach English to junior high and high students?

This is a great opportunity to experience another culture, make new friends, both Chinese and American. You will also be able to make an impact on people with whom you come in contact.

Join us for the English Summer Camps in the summer of 2019. For more information please use the "contact" form at the top of the page.

2019 Summer Camp Dates and Costs

It was a great summer for the 2018 camps. We now have the dates and costs for the 2019 Summer English Camps in China. The dates are as follows: The first session dates are July 10 - 29. The second session dates are July 25 - August 11.

The cost for the 2019 camps is $2900.00 This excludes passport fees, supplies, and extra travel expenses.

To request an application please use the "Contact" button at the top of the page.  

Ages 16+ are welcome  For guidelines regarding applicants under 16, please contact us.

We look froward to hearing from you... 

Qiqihar Camp Final Blog

It is hard to believe that camp ended over a week ago and we are now back in the US.  It goes slow in the beginning of camp and seems to go so fast the last couple of days.  There were many tears shed at the closing ceremony.  Camp went so well and we are are all so grateful for the experience and time we had with the Chinese children.  Our host (Jason) was wonderful and many of us are looking forward to the opportunity to return and work with him again in Qiqihar.


Beijing 2

Hello all,

It's is our last day in Beijing! We have all had a great trip and are looking forward to getting home! We will all fly home Sunday starting at 9:20...It will be a long travel day for all of us. 

Can't wait to see you all and tell you about our adventures here! 

Keep us lifted as we travel!


Beijing 2 Pictures

Hello Family and friends,

Today is our last day of camp and we are already feeling the emotion of loss. We have grown so close to our children and Chinese assistants. It will be a tearful farewell. I am so proud of my American team. They have persevered through many days of non stop activities. The physical and emotional strain can take its toll, but they haven't wavered in the job they came to do. 

Beijing 2 Pictures

Last night, Wednesday, we had our Night In The Park, where the kids got to do different activities in their mentor groups. The kids enjoyed face painting, drawing with sidewalk chalk, playing card games, coloring and Twister. It was a great time to sit and have a conversation while playing together!

Beijing 2 Pictures

It's a rainy and stormy Wednesday in Beijing. We have had to move our classes to the Sunshine Building, since the roads and sidewalks are all flooded. We don't want the kids walking through ankle deep, dirty water. Hopefully the rain will end and we can move back into the Teaching Building. We are a flexible bunch!!