Welcome to the Xining Camp Blog

I trust where ever you are, the weather is as beautiful as ours in Cinti. today

Welcome to the best ESL camp in China. Although this may be debatable with some people. We are glad to have you aboard. This will mark our 5th trip to Xining, the 4th year for ESL camp. Each of those years we have been blessed to have been given a great team of workers. Some of you are returning and some for the first time. Sandy and I are thinking about each and everyone of you individually in regard to this trip. Several of you will be at a camp the first session and some will be joining later. But regardless of experience, we will have a great time, establish strong relationships, learn a great deal about ourselves, and be a positive light to the kids we will be working with.

It would be wonderful if all of us could come together before leaving; but obviously this is impossible, so I will do my best to keep you all informed as well as possible through email or phone calls or this Blog.

Take care and we'll talk soon!

Duke Herring

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