PASSPORTS-and certified mail

Today we found how valuable and important it is to return the passports by certified mail. Yesterday, Sarah Griffin asked where her passport was. We knew that it had been mailed June 5 and that she should have it. It had been sent to Milford, OH. We had a stampted Certified Mail receipt with the Milford post office ZIP code prominately displayed.

However, when we checked the tracking number with the USPS Tracking System, the message said the mail delivery was attempted June 12 at 10:55 AM and a notice was left; the mail now was now ready for pick up at a post office in Philadelphia, PA, 19135. Imagine our surprise to see that the envolop had wound up in Philadelphia. There is a perfectly plasuable reason for it being there. But also, imagine how we could ever locate a letter among billions if we did not have a tracking number!

Sarah had left a forwarding address at the Milford Post Office and this mail was dutifully forwarded there. When we finally talked with a supervisor in the Phillie post office, he assured us that the envelop was sitting on his desk. Wheew. But still not out of the woods. We asked him to forward the mail to Tom Shekles, who could give her the passport at the airport. "Can't do it!! Regulations, we don't know who you are." With a holiday in the middle of the next week, we could still miss getting the passport to Sarah in time for her to make her flight.

There is a happy ending. I had called Sarah earlier this morning, but there was no answer. We left a message and my cell number. About 11:00 AM she called me. I asked if she was was in Philadelphia AND SHE WAS! I said if you get to the post office by noon you can get your passport. At 11:45 AM she called and said she had it in her hand.

The moral to this story is: check on the where abouts of your passport early and often, if you don't have it.

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