Xin FuXue/ Beijing Day Nine Update

In classes this morning students continued to learn and are practicing for closing ceremony. Tonight we were challenged by the amazing race cultural activity where students and teachers ran around to read clues and learn about Chinese culture. The Chinese students had to explain Chinese culture as they went from station to station. They had fun but it was a difficult assignment. 

We only have one more day to go. Tomorrow is our closing ceremony so we will practice for that. Everyone is still doing well but we are feeling that it is the end of camp. It’s been a wonderful experience. 

See our shoutouts below. 

To Jane - I MISS YOU DUDE!!! Thinking about you today, nerd!

Becky & Charis: 
Hi, Family! We will see you in less than a week! We will miss you all and love you! 

Karen & Lauren: 
To Steve, Ryan, Connor, Daniel, & Kyle: We miss you and love you! 

This is the last full day of camp. I’m really going to miss all the kids and the team. So grateful for all He’s done. Dad, I’m still lifting your job situation. Mom, I’ll see you in Beijing soon.
Babe, I miss you so much. I wish you were here. You would love the camp. Hopefully you can come with me next year. I love you more.
-  “Ya Binty.” 

My students are wonderful. They are the lowest level but have certainly proven their ability to learn well. At closing ceremony they are sharing the lesson of the wise and foolish man. In class, we have talked a lot about the value in building our houses and lives upon the solid Rock. Please lift that this lesson will take root in their hearts. Looking forward to sharing more with y’all; I’m grateful for your investment in this Work. 

To Krista & Calvin, I miss you both so much. Cannot wait to see your beautiful faces when I get back. Love you all so much. 

Ashley, Joe, & Kat: Just a few days until I see you guys when touring! Make sure to bring plenty of snacks, especially Mac & Cheese cups! See you in a few. 


Chris Wooldridge


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