Datong Day 11

Wednesday afternoon, and we will have our closing ceremony tonight followed by a dance or 2 depending on the time.  Parents are waiting on students at the school gate and we don't want them to have to wait on us.  After that our team will leave the school for our usual walk down the city streets catching up with students and their parents.  Some will stop to eat and invite us to dine with them or just sit and listen to their son or daughter speak English to us.  Parents can't understand a word but their smiles are from ear to ear just knowing their child has succeeded in English camp. 

Our host Rebecca said every night the people of the town have told her and others they are so excited to see us walking the streets talking to people, eating in the shops and looking for gifts to take home.  We have given them a feeling of importance, which I reply, they are important and we are gratefully for their warm hospitality.

Only He knows how many have been touched by His love we have tried to share in all or encounters and teaching.  The relationship with this school and the city He has allowed these last 2 years is something only He can do. Please lift that this "bridge" will continue to build and even stretch into other schools and towns around this area. 

Carol just stopped in to say her and "Summer" were able to have a great "talk" after lunch today and understands that one person who came and gave so much.  Please lift Summer and Carol.

I'll close by saying we and you have been lifting for something real special, and I want you to know He did just that in our camp and in us all. Thank you for joining us these last few months.  Thankful for each of you and our team.  They each have listened to Him and one day will hear "well done....."

Our camp theme this year was "All IN". We asked our team members to be "All In" for His work and our students to be "All In" to learn and try their best.  Each class will award one student as their "All In" student.  Today we recognized our team member Joy as the one that was "ALL IN" for His work here in our camp and here in China. A big lift for JOY!!

Dave Williams 


Louise: I will have to tell you about my teaching team, Jeff, Anna and Sara.  Together we are giving our class a good English camp experience.  Tell mom and dad I will see them soon. Dale

Last full day of camp. Tomorrow is the closing ceremony, boo hoo. I try to make today count even though I m tired.  I love your letters and try to spread them out, so I haven't finished them all yet. I don't know if there will be a blog tomorrow. Are you reading these? Did I tell you about the blog?  We leave Datong Friday for Beijing and touring.  Love you all.  See you soon. Anna

Hello!  Tomorrow is the closing and bittersweet! Some of these kids are saying goodby for the second time and its 10x harder.  Exciting stuff is happening here and I hope I can come back.  I'm so very gratefully to be a part of this.  I'm overwhelmed in the best way. Love, Kate

Susan: Spent time with Rebecca and 3 of the assistants this morning sharing what it's like in our home and in America. As we compared, we all agreed we are all the same, wanting the same.  Not things of the world but hearts joined in a caring way for each other and our families and loved ones. Isn't that great!  People of 2 countries needing the same thing.  Love you a bunch.  Dave W.

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