Monday in the Qiqihar Camp

Hello friends and family,
We are all having an amazing time at camp.  Last night was our Human Clue event and everyone had an awesome time! Mr Mustard ended up being the culprit. Tonight is our camp Birthday Party! Our host is planning a big event!!! We are staying strong to the end and hope you will continue your lifts!
Shout Outs:
Hello family and friends! It has been a whirlwind here, but so much fun! Tony and I are exhausted every night, because we have been All In every day. Looking forward to telling you all our stories. Elaine and Tony
Hello family and friends, we are all doing well here. Our theme is All In, what a great experience giving ones All here in the land I love, China. Please think of my students and assistants as we teach English and American holidays. Can’t believe we will be home in one week. All my love to Wayne. Helen
Hi all, it’s day 6 of class. We’ve got 15 amazing kids in the Pennsylvania class. Today we will teach about Easter. The kids here are so kind and helpful. I miss you all! Joe, Anna, Mae, Eilley, and Declan, I love you. See you soon! Love mom/Carol
Hey guys! I can’t believe I only have a week left in China!! You might have to pay someone to drag me onto the plane, because I don’t want to leave! Haha Everything is amazing here, I can’t wait to give y’all hugs and tell you all about it. Love you guys so much! Annelise 
What an eye opening opportunity it’s been to experience, lift up, and share. It’s been wonderful. Gary
I’m so grateful to be here, and it’s been such a good experience to be here with the kids and have so much fun with them. Kat


Human Clue - The body

Human clue - The body

Human Clue- Who did it??

Human Clue- Who did It??

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