Bridging the World Summer Camps


COME WITH US, SEE CHINA AND TEACH ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE TO EAGER STUDENTS! The next trip to China will take place from July 8th - July 26th, 2020 and second session dates are July 23th - August 7th, 2020. You will be under the direct supervision of one of the BTW Camp Directors from the States. This means that you will have an experienced leader there with you at all times. You will be teaching conversational English to students ranging in age from 7 - 20 years old.

Becky and one of her students in the Jinan Camp

You will teach from 9:00 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. After lunch you will participate in sports, crafts, and other activities such as singing, drama, and English Corner (small group conversation). All of which are designed to enhance the students' spoken English in an informal atmosphere. In the evenings the Chinese students and American teachers will participate together in a birthday party, talent show, and various activities during the two weeks of English Second Language camp.


What you will experience:  Our summer camps allow you to experience the vast culture of China while teaching the Chinese students conversational English As a Second Language. If you come to China this trip will open your eyes to the way life is in China and give you the opportunity to make a difference in a Chinese young persons future. The Chinese students will love you as you have never been loved before. They will become a part of your life. They will be friendly and kind to you.


Costs: You will need to raise $3000.00 for this trip. This covers your international air travel, local travel, travel insurance, room and board. This does not include the following:  acquisition of your passport, supplies, and meals while traveling. You will also want to take a modest amount of funds to buy items for yourself or gifts and souvenirs. 


After the two week camp, the American teachers will gather in Beijing to share their camp experiences and tour key places in and around the city of Beijing. There might also be the opportunity to meet and talk with other Americans working in China.


You do not need to know the Chinese language, nor do you need to be a certified teacher. We have a "curriculum" of proven lesson plans which we use to train non-teachers for use in the classroom. As a "teacher" you will be using your everyday spoken English as an English as a Second Language teaching tool.


If you go we promise you that this will be a life changing experience. The things that you accomplish will last for eternity. We will be glad to send you an application. Click here to email us your information on where to send the 2020 Bridging The World Summer Camp application.