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2020 Vietnam Summer Camp Dates and Costs Are Now Available

Summer Camps: 

WOW! A new opportunity for teaching English As A Second Language with Bridging The World is now available. Bridging The World is expanding its summer English As A Second Language program into Vietnam for the summer of 2020. 

To learn more about this new opportunity in Vietnam click here.

Space is limited so apply now. To request an application you may use the "contact" page at the top of the site.

2020 China Summer Camp Dates and Costs Coming Soon!!

Summer Camps: 

Be on the lookout as the 2020 China English Second Language Summer Camps dates and costs will be posted soon.

Exciting times are coming!!


If you are interested and would like more information about the 2020 Summer Camp in China you can email us through the "Contact" page at the top of the site.

We are looking forward to hearing from you

2018 Camp Directors Meeting This Weekend

Summer Camps: 

The 2018 Bridging The World Camp Directors Meeting will be held this weekend April 6 - 7, 2018.


Bridging The World will be hosting six camps in China this year.


We will be having a training time (how to teach the spoken English language using different techniques) a planning time,and a brain storming time to come up with some new ideas to use in camp.


2018 Bridging The World China Summer English Camps here we come!! 







2017 Dates and Prices Coming Soon

Summer Camps: 

Be on the lookout as next years dates and prices will be coming soon: Check the back for further updates in the next few weeks: 


This is a great opportunity to immerse yourself n a different culture for two and a half weeks and make a difference in a life through teaching English AS A Second Language.


Bridging The World conducted two great camps this past summer in Beijing and Jinan. We hope to return to both cities and camp sites next year.


Welcome Home to the 2016 Summer ESL Teams

Summer Camps: 

Welcome Home 2016 China Summer Teams,


The summer teams have all made it back to the USA after teaching English to school age children in Beijing and Jinan, China. It was a good summer for our ESL teams though very hot and humid in both cities. We want to thank you for all your preparation beforehand and your hard work while in China.


China, WOW!!

Summer Camps: 

“China, WOW!! It was life changing. I came back a different person; a person with renewed hope... I went with great expectations, and was pleasantly surprised when they were far surpassed in every way, shape, and form.
Bridging the World is all about building relationships through the use of conversational English. Class begins in a somewhat awkward teacher/ student environment with a simple introduction, “Hi, my name is…” and commences with tearful good-byes among dear friends."


Tammy from the Beijing camp

China Teams Update

Summer Camps: 

Both teams met together in the Lido Hotel in Bejing yesterday afternoon. The New Bridge team had already checked in earlier in the day since they were already in Beijing. The Jinan Team arrived at the Lido in time to get their room assignments, hurry to their rooms, and hurry back to the lobby where teams boarded the bus to go to the acrobat show last night (Friday).


Today (Saturday) both teams left the hotel early this morning to travel to the Great Wall, lunch, and then some shopping at the Pearl Market.





2014 Camp Director's Meeting

Summer Camps: 

We had a great camp director's meeting last Friday night and all day Saturday. Woody brought great challenges to us both Friday night and Saturday to start the meetings.


We exchanged new ideas to use in camp, and learned how to better utilize the Bridging The World website to enhance morning classes, and afternoon and evening activities.


First Day of The 2014 Winter Camp

Summer Camps: 

The first day of the 2014 Winter Camp went well with tours of two local high schools. The students learned about Brookville High School and Timberlake Schools on their tour. The students experienced a Theater Arts class, chemistry class and language classes; plus learning about the difference in public and private schools in America.

The students really enjoyed their boxed lunch from Chik-Fil-A, chicken sandwich, chips, a fruit cup, and a cookie.