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Discount in Price For The 2014 Trip If Your Application Is Received By 12/31/13

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Great news for anyone going on the 2014 Bridging The World China Summer English Camp trip.


Bridging The World is offering a discounted price to anyone who sends their application in before the end of this year 2013. Applications postmarked by December 31 the price will be discounted to $2700.00.


Any applications received after December 31, 2013 the price will be $2900.00 which is what last year's price was and what we are currently advertising.


New Site Coming Soon

Summer Camps: 

The Bridging The World website is being updated and redesigned. Be watching for the new site design coming out in the next few weeks.

Also Bridging The World is now accepting applications for the 2014 English Second Language camps. If you would like an application email us through the "contact us" page here and we will be glad to send you an application.

A message from a mother of a 2013 Jinan camper

Summer Camps: 

A message a mother of a Jinan student sent to one of the Jinan teachers who sent it to the Bridging The World office:


"I want to thank all of you for teaching Candy English. She changed so much after the camp. She is more confident now and practice conversational English with me. And she is making friends with a 10-year old British neighbour girl. I'm very pleased to see this change."