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Word From China

Summer Camps: 

The latest word from China is that all the teams are in the respective cities for camps. The four people from Florida arrived and are now at the camp site after some delays from the States.


All camps begin on Monday morning China time. Sunday night EST. The camp directors will post as they have the time and opportunity.


Just remember "No news is good news."

All Teams Have Arrived Safely in Beijing

Summer Camps: 

Just received word that all teams have arrived safely in Beijing.


The Jinan Team is enroute with a 7 hour bus ride from Beijing to Jinan at this time.


The New Bridge/ Beijing team has been picked up and are settling in.


The Daqing team will be flying out Saturday morning China time (Friday night EST) from Beijing to Daqing.


As for the Xian Team all but four have arrived in Xian. The other four who were delayed leaving the States will be arriving in Beijing then flying to Xian.


2012 New Bridge Winter Camp

Summer Camps: 

In January of 2012 students from the New Bridge Foreign Language School in Beijing, China visited Lynchburg, VA for a Winter Camp. While the students were here they experienced the American culture in the following ways: lived with American families, ate American foods, attended various activities, visited schools, museums, and toured Washington D.C.


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Happy New Year

Summer Camps: 

Happy New Year 2012.


We would like to wish you and yours a Happy and Blessed New Year and hope you will consider going with us to China this summer to teach English to the school age children there who want to learn the English language.