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BTW ESL Teams Departure

Summer Camps: 

In a week four out of the six BTW ESL teams leave for China. Teachers have prepared lessons, skits, games, songs, and other activities to teach the English language and to share a small part of our lives with the Chinese students and helpers.

Continue to read the updated blogs as the camp directors will be posting from China telling about the happenings in each camp.

Summer Camp money

Summer Camps: 

All who are going on this summers trip to teach ESL in China do not forget that all monies for the trip is due no later that the end of June.

Check your financial login page to see how much you still owe.

Seven Weeks Until Camps Start

Summer Camps: 

In seven weeks the first session teams leave for China, and a few days later the first day of the ESL camps start.

All the teachers are busy preparing lessons, games, and other fun things for the Chinese campers to be able to speak English.

Continue to watch the blog pages for updates from the camps.

2009 Summer Camp application

Summer Camps: 

The new 2009 sumer camp application has been posted on the site.

If you have gone to China with BTW in the past you need to fill out the full application so we can update your records on file. You do not need to turn in references again but everything else needs to be completed on the application.