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Camp Baoji Chronicles

Summer Camps: 

July 26, 2012  12:30 pm

Friends and Family,

I found some shout outs that I forgot to include in the blog last night and wanted to get them out to you.  I apologize.

Today classes end and "graduation" in the afternoon.  It has been incredible.  Sending all our love to all of you.  The Kerns

We love you and miss you.  Many tears today as we say goodbye to these children.  We came to love them in such a short time.  Remember us as we take a 15 hour train to Baoji on Thursday.  Scott and Kailey  PS  Wendy I love you and miss you so much.

Camp Baoji Chronicles Day 9

Summer Camps: 

July 24, 2012  11pm

Family and Friends:

Day 9 has passed and we are now headed to the last day of camp.  Tomorrow we will have our regular morning schedule and our closing ceremony in the afternoon.  The students have really warmed up to us and as we dig deeper into their lives we are finding that some know the light that emanates from us.  It is always exciting to hear that.  Others we continue to remember and plant addtional seed through the stories and language experiences we provide.  We are hopeful that others will come behind us and reap a harvest.

Camp Baoji Chronicles Day 8

Summer Camps: 

July 23, 2012 1000 pm

Friends and Family:

Well, day 8 has come to a close here in Baoji. Woody and Chris joined us very late last night and spent the day with us at camp. We had a great message of encouragement from Woody this morning during our meeting. His encouragement meant a great deal to us as we head into our last few days with the students.

Camp Baoji Chronicles Day 7

Summer Camps: 

July 22, 2012    1100pm

Hello Family and Friends:

Day 7 or our camp finds us continuing strong.  Katie is a bit under the weather with some stomach issues but Deb and Liz are our team medics and they have done a great job of getting us over the stomach issues in record time.  Katie was feeling better tonight and expects to be back in the classroom in the morning.

Camp Baoji Chronicles Day 3 and 4 Shout Outs part 3

Summer Camps: 

Well it must be a good day I am 2 for 2. 


Hi to all my friends in the USA.  Great students and very smart.  Miss all of you.  I lost my voice on first day and have laryngitis.  My helpers Joy Liz and Deb have been wonderful and taken over all teaching.  Remember me so I will be able to talk out loud again.  Jason-please give Abby Lynn a hug  and kiss.  Kathy


Camp Baoji Chronicles Day 3 and 4 part 2 ShoutOuts

Summer Camps: 

Hooray!  The last blog went through.  Now for the important stuff, messages from your loved ones.


Hi family,  After several delays and set backs we finally made it. We are still trying to adjust to the time change but we are having a great time.  I did have an awesome birthday with a special cake and a "long-life soup."  Love you, Mariah, Eli, and Mandy.  From Big Ruben


Hello to all our family and friends from the Kerns--Bonnie, Wendy, And Larry.  We're having an awesome experience with a terrific team.