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XinFu Xue/ Beijing Day 10 Update

Summer Camps: 

Tonight was our closing ceremony. Every class did well. We had so much fun having ice cream and dancing afterwards. It’s going to be sad tomorrow saying goodbye to our students; some have already started crying. We feel this was one of the best camps ever. 
This will be the last blog until we arrive home in the states. We can’t wait to share with you more about Bejing’s 2019 Summer English Camp. 
Signing off from camp Beijing! 


Chris Wooldridge

Xin FuXue/ Beijing Day Nine Update

Summer Camps: 

In classes this morning students continued to learn and are practicing for closing ceremony. Tonight we were challenged by the amazing race cultural activity where students and teachers ran around to read clues and learn about Chinese culture. The Chinese students had to explain Chinese culture as they went from station to station. They had fun but it was a difficult assignment. 

Xin FuXue/ Beijing Day Eight Update

Summer Camps: 

Well, today was another great day at camp. Our students continue to learn about American culture and are engaged in lesson activities that serve to review and emphasize meaningful aspects. Our American teachers organized a Water Night complete with water balloons and water guns. There was plenty of running and screaming and laughter; by the end of the evening every person was soaked. We all enjoyed ourselves and are glad the Chinese are love camp so much. These are nights we and they won’t forget. 

Beijing/ Xin FuXue Day Five The Birthday Party!

Summer Camps: 

We just concluded our birthday party. There were 7 Chinese birthdays and one American, our own Annelise. After eating the delicious cake we danced our hearts out. Everyone joined in the dances; this is the first camp I’ve been in where I saw everyone dancing. Julianna did such a good job of teaching dances and Jacob choreographs his own and the kids love it. The night was complete with kazoos that Dave brought; the kids made quite the noise! 

See below for our shout outs.

Miss you guys! I can’t wait to see you soon when I get back. Love you.