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The Qiqihar Story Part 10

Summer Camps: 

Well that was easy so I will first of all get the shout outs to you:


Hello all, we as a team are doing so well.  We have been shown much favor!!  The whole team is well and we are accomplishing our tasks well. Continue your daily thoughts for us!  We know they have helped us to stay healthy and safe from all injury.  To our family at CCCS we send greetings and all love.  Helen for the Balmers

The Qiqihar Story Part 9

Summer Camps: 

There are three words to characterize internet service in China:  SLOW, UNRELIABLE, and FRUSTRATING.

I tired 4 times yesterday to get a blog message posted.  I typed it four times and each time I could not get it posted and lost it somewhere in cyberspace.  So before I type again I will shoot this test message to you and if it goes out I will try the longer update.

Thanks for understanding.  Briefly we are all well and sad that our camp is almost over.


The Qiqihar Story Part 6

Summer Camps: 

Okay that was easy so let me try an update here. 

We woke this morning to a very cool and bright day at about 330 am.  It is so bright outside at that hour you just cannot sleep.  It gets dark here about 800 at night and the mosquitos are so thick you can hardly see the person next to you, so we try to be in before the swarm arrives.  Wayne has been asking that some mosquito loving bird (the largest variety possible) and as many as possible be dispatched to this area.  I think it would take a month for them to clear just the campus area.