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The Qiqihar Story Part 5

Summer Camps: 

Greetings from Qiqihar on Friday afternoon, July 30.  I spent and hour this moring typing a detailed account of what has transpired since yesterday only to push the send button and find that the campus was once again without internet service.  Very frustrating.  I will keep this short and send the shout outs and if it goes through come back and give you an update.

In a nutshell ALL is going great.  This camp is tremendous.  Students are outstanding and willing to share in ALL we have to give.  Very encouraging.

Shout Outs:


The Qiqihar Story Part 4

Summer Camps: 

Well it is Thursday in Qiqihar and we are all happy and well into this day.  This is our fourth instructional day and the students are soaking up all we have to offer not only in terms of English but also in terms of relationship.  More and more questions are coming forth as they see the light shine within us. 

The Qiqihar Story Part 2: Shout Outs

Summer Camps: 

Messages from your folks in Qiqihar:

Hey everyne, goodbye to Shenyang and Hello Qiqihar.  It's luxury, not the same as America, but compared to Shenyang.  Miss you all mom, dad, and little kids.  See you.  PS Carson I love you.  --Jess

Outstanding classrooms, hotel, assistant--great camp! First meal-raw cow stimach and jelly fish.  Ynmmy!  Miss you too much!!  --Beaner Sleuth

Greetings from Qiqihar

Summer Camps: 

Greetings from Qiqihar where all is GREAT.  I want to keep this very short as yesterday I typed for 3o minutes and when I finished and hit the send button, the server at the school had been cut off.  I lost all I had wriiten to you.  So let me just say we are ALL fine, happy, learning much about the STORY HE has WRITTEN for US in QIQIHAR.

If this sends this time, I will type more immediately.

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