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Goodbye Guiyang

Summer Camps: 

I have just a few minutes so thought I would post one last blog entry.

This is a bittersweet day for the Guiyang team. It is the day we say goodbye to our students, Chinese assistants, and many friends we have made who have made our stay here one to remember.

Our Classes ended this morning and we have been faithful to our task and purpose here. Teachers and assistants have been thoughtful and productive in both delivering lessons and planting seeds. Even some harvesting and encouraging.


Summer Camps: 

To all our families, friends, and supporters:

We give you much thanks and appreciation. We could not do this without you. This may very well be the last blog for this camp. Tomorrow will be filled with activity--our last day of classes, cleaning our rooms, closing ceremony, and a picnic (if it ever stops raining) in Hua Xi at the Principal's home, and the dreaded packing. Then we depart the school at 8:00 am on Saturday morning to go to the airport to head to Shanghai and Xinning.

SHOUT OUTS from Guiyang

Summer Camps: 

Here are some important messages from the team to their loved ones. Enjoy!!!!!

Going well. Ask for health of team members and open minds of the students. Chris R.

First week is almost over! Thank you for your thoughts and well wishes. Keep them up! Tell Grandma and Dan "Hi" for me. Deborah Nelson

Susan and Fran, How are you doing? This is great. All is well and I have a frend...a water buffalo and a hairless leg. Ask me later. Love, Dave