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Xining Team Enjoying Beijing - Day 1

Summer Camps: 

We left the hotel shortly after 7:30 and we didn't arrive at the Great Wall until soon after 10 a.m.  We spent most of that time sitting in traffic that simply wasn't moving.  At 11:50 we were back on the bus waiting and waiting to get out of the parking lot.  One of our tour guides, Ray, finally got off the bus and stood in front of the oncoming traffic so our bus could get on the road to lead us back to the highway.

We then visited the Jade Factory where we saw how the jade is carved and shaped and we also ate lunch at a restaurant that is located there.

FINALLY! Camp Xining is in Beijing

Summer Camps: 

The Xining Camp finally left the hotel where we had been living for the past two weeks.

Originally we were told we would be picked up at 10:00 AM and delivered to the airport for a 11:05 flight.  Yes, you read that right; a 11:05 flight.  Needless to say we had to push and press hard to get that time changed to 7:30 AM to get the vans loaded and leave the hotel at 8:00.

Camp Xining is Shutting Down. Onward to Beijing

Summer Camps: 

Closing Ceremonies are now complete.  It was a sad day for the kids and teachers.  The programs that were performed by the kids were done very well.  The goal this year was to speak more English instead of singing and it was certainly displayed that this time here helped to improve their speaking.  Kudos to ALL of the teachers.

After the program the team set out to have final lunches and dinners with special kids and assistants.  There were some that even went shopping.  But mostly it was a time for relaxing by all.

We are headed to Beijing in the morning.

One More Day Down in Xining

Summer Camps: 

Another successful day under our belts!

The only staff issues that need your lifts is for Larry (stomach problems) and Angie (a bug bite and a swollen finger).  Both were sleeping and hopefully they will be back with us very soon.

The older students are quite appreciative of the program here and our teachers.  Many schedule times where they can take the teachers out to lunch or dinner and tonight was such an occasion for some.

Xining Team Goes to the Lake

Summer Camps: 

Today was a day off!  Yeah!

Our host here at the school, Maria, took all of us to Qinghai Lake.  Just so you know the elevation of the is 10,000 feet up.  SWEEEEEEET!  She also said it would be much cooler than Xining which by the way has been averaging in the 90s.

Well, when we get there and step out of the vans guess what?  IT'S HOT THERE TOO!

I guess we should have left Carol, Bonnie and Larry back in Xining because they keep bringing this heat around with them from their camp days in Shanghai.

Xining Day 5 Fun

Summer Camps: 

Our fifth day of teaching is now under our belts.

No major issues to report.

It is still unusually hot here and we think that Carol, Bonnie and Larry are responsible since they were also at Shanghai last year during record high temperatures too.

Had a nice treat at lunch today.  Our Chinese host Maria decided to purchase KFC for us and let us eat in the quietness of our rooms.  Who knew that KFC could be such a treat.  Our KFC came delivered on two bicycles.  They will deliver most items off of their menu, however they will not deliver French Fries.

Hots Days in Xining

Summer Camps: 

Sorry for the delay but we are plagued with slow internet and HEAT.

The classes yesterday were pretty good.  Since the kids are getting comfortable with us behavior is starting to become a problem as well as running.  Just so you know, we are teaching in a university building with other adult classes so the running and noise levels do become issues.